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About me

My name is Christina, I was born in the beautiful valley of Sóller (Mallorca).


During my youth I traveled and lived abroad mainly in London to return to the beautiful island, Mallorca.

Where reconnect with nature and slow life. Life gave me two beautiful girls. Shortly after, I decided to change the path of my life through inquiry, self-knowledge, acceptance and discipline. I went on retreats, read books, traveled to India and experimented with different yoga and meditation techniques. My passion led me to become a Hatha yoga teacher (500 HTT / 4 years) by AEPY (Spanish Association of Yoga Practitioners) and UEY (European Yoga Union).​


In November 2020 I finished another training (500 HTT) at S'OM (yoga and philosophy Mallorca) specialized in other styles of yoga, to deepen my knowledge in philosophy and different meditation techniques.


My curiosity about wellness and self-knowledge continued. And in 2018 I studied sound massage with Tibetan bowls at the School of Traditional Massages as well as Hindu head massage and Thai massage at the traditional Thai massage school in Palma.


Summer 2015 I had the first opportunity to share my first classes as a SUP yoga instructor. It was a challenging experience for me at the time, because, for example, I couldn't swim! I'm very grateful. to this experience. Because life showed me once again that yoga is a tool for self-improvement. And thanks to this positive experience, the following year I started my project Natur Yoga and holistic therapies. That's why I keep training and improving my knowledge.

I am currently researching Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics. What gives me a deeper knowledge of the therapeutic part of yoga. After all these years on this inner journey, I have come across many different styles of yoga and each one has provided me with tools for self-knowledge and personal growth. I understood that yoga is only one. all styles have the same goal. The connection with our soul or consciousness through the body.


I would love to share this journey with you. Would you like to join me?


om shanti om

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