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With feet on the ground


Disconnect to Reconnect

Conscious walk in silence through a pine and alcina forest along the coast with views of the sea. Practicing the ancient Japanese technique "Shinrin yoku" (Forest bathing) Practice that induces a relaxation process. We will arrive at a special place where we will do a meditation and a ritual to Mother Earth with the elements. Water, fire, air and earth.

2h. approximately.

Digital Detox

Conscious walk in silence. Leaving Soller. Along a mountain path. With spectacular views of the Soller valley. Connecting with the 5 senses. With colors and shapes. With the smells of trees and flowers. The sounds of nature and its animals. The feeling of the sun warming the skin. We will focus our attention on the path we are on. Anchoring in the present.

We will arrive at a small farm where we will enjoy a Yoga class and share a delicious Mallorcan brunch.



Self care day in Nature

We propose this experience of a day and a night of glamping and Digital detox. Forest bathing in the middle of the Tramuntana, in an olive grove with centuries-old olive trees. With a pond for a fresh water fountain. To relax and disconnect in nature and reconnect with ourselves.

The experience consists of an internal journey through self-observation. We will enjoy nature. time for relaxation and reflection. To disconnect We will experience the stillness, the contemplation, the beauty of sacred geometry in nature. We will create intentions through rituals with the elements. We will enjoy a healthy meal and share this experience with other people.

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