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Moon Rituals

What are rituals? A ritual is a sequence of activities that involve gestures, words, actions, carried out according to an established sequence, said sequence is generally guided by a symbolic value.


We propose this experience of a day and a night of glamping and Digital detox. Full Tramuntana forest bath, in an olive grove with centenary olive trees. With a pond with a fresh water fountain. To relax and disconnect in nature and reconnect with ourselves.

The experience consists of an internal journey through self-observation. We will enjoy nature. time for relaxation and reflection. To disconnect We will experience the stillness, the contemplation, the beauty of sacred geometry in nature. We will create intentions through rituals with the elements. We will enjoy a healthy meal and share with other women an experience of a journey of discovery of our feminine archetypes. And with it the different stages of femininity.

This activity is two days and one night.


(VAT included)

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