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Indian Head Massage

Why not indulge in an Indian head massage and a healing session with Tibetan bowls?


The Indian head massage is a traditional massage originating in India. With many benefits. This massage is done with clothes on. With the receiver sitting in a chair.

Through relaxing massage techniques, on shoulders, arms, neck, head and face.

Many of the benefits that you will enjoy as part of them are:

  • Improves circulation.

  • Improve posture.

  • Help with sleep.

  • Improves and helps condition hair and heart growth.

  • Improves concentration.

  • Releases general stress and emotional stress.

  • Balance and calm.

  • Oxygenate the brain.


To end this session I will give you a session of sound healing with the Tibetan bowls. Seventy-five percent of our body is made up of water. Even the smallest cell in our body. The vibrations of the Tibetan bowls influence this water to bring it to a state of total relaxation.


30 min 30 EUROS

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