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Digital Detox


An immersive experience in the pure nature of Tramontana. Surrounded by centuries-old olive or almond trees.

We invite you to choose the experience you would like to live. Depending on the difficulty of the walk, the time and the intention. An experience with rituals to mother nature.

A silent meditation (forest bathing) with a ritual in nature.

We offer a few different routes. Depending on the purpose and level.

  • Conscious walk to strategic tower with sea views. Ritual with the elements. Water, fire, air and earth. 2h.

  • Conscious and silent walk from Sóller to the port of Sóller. Connecting with the 5 senses. Yoga class and brunch (4h)

Conscious walk to a hidden olive grove in Tramontana. Ritual to the elements, Brotherhood, Yoga, active meditation, Lunch. Bathing in freshwater pond. 8 hours

Expanding and refining the senses through nature. And starting with a digital detox.

If you have any question. Do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to help you.

Between €35/€65 per person

(VAT included)

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